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My Experience

Computers has been a part time job, I would like to make it a full time job and maybe even recruit a  few interested in flying things  and of course compueters. I want to have half computers, half hobby shop witch include two 6 channel helicopters that i need to repair anyway.I  still enjoy doing system repair, upgrading computer systems. 

If you wish to purchase a comple custom build system on your unique specification  I can do that.

I always suggest on getting components that are under powered but very upgradable to save on money when budget is tight.. It is prefered to purchase a mainboard in HIGH END then it is to purchase a HIGH END video card. 

Yes, I am A+ Certified since 2002.

After College we (me & my brother) worked for the house of commons as IT support for an employer for 6 weeks.

In 2001 I got my certificate from la cite collegiale dottawa.

Along the years I learned a lot of new trick to diagnose and fi systems and eventually had the opportunity to actually build one server which was doubled in ram twice since then and then replaced by a new one, I hope they keep it because it is there most powerfull  workstation ever.

Any hoot,

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.



I just finished building an ATX (mid size) system.

Perfect for gaming but also for mining

Call me if you need more info and schedule a visit to see it in person.

Book an appointment: 705-362-2055

Good day, Marcel

I picked the best case

Best mainboard

Best memory module

Best video card

Best power supply

ETC best of everything that fits in a budget.

I will post photos.. maybe this system will interest you.


Pick a case

Let me pick the parts for you and Il do the rest, its up to you.

I have been doing this since 1995 on my Pentium 1 150mhz with 32 MB of ram :).

ITX smallest

mATX is a bit larger

ATX is Mid to FULL size towers if you need multiple drives for redundancy or raid 1 if that;s your thing...

If you have any questions,  

Call me: 705-362-2055

email: marcel@ezpchardware.com

I own both domains, .com and .ca now

I hope we can do business.


Email, Call my cell and I will get back to you shortly.


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